Web Designing

At VSkyTech, our website designing process begins with understanding the requirements of our clients.We have a highly-evolved client interaction process. After we understand your requirements, we perform a competitive analysis. With that information, we develop the website design mockup and marketing strategy to promote your business website better than your competition, and Yes!, We Do Responsive (Mobile Friendly) Designing.

From a foundation of study with leading social media strategists and Internet marketers, we have developed our own design and marketing strategies. We integrate our experience with client requirements to create a home page design mockup, and then work with the client to adjust the design until it is approved.

After approval we start coding the design. In most cases we code the design as a WordPress theme, so the client can have the benefit of WordPress as a content management system (CMS). The client can login and update their website to maintain the content. WordPress makes it easy to add, edit, or delete pages. WordPress is also known as the best CMS for SEO (search engine optimization).

We deliver the end product to the client by placing the website on the hosting server that the client has. If the client has no hosting provider, we provide an affordable hosting solution. With proper communication with the client, we can meet deadlines with 100% client satisfaction.